Overview of the Week

5 Kings and the Revolutionary WarConstitution Camp 14

Declaration of Independence


Constitution/ Bill of Rights Our Great Republic Founders Friday
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Opening Welcome, Prayer, Flag Etiquette, Very Special GuestConstitution Camp 1 - Copy

Popcorn and the King’s Lemonade Pretzels


tri-shaped for a cause

Freedom Cakes Red, White and Blue Cookies Hotdogs at the picnic with the Founding Fathers
Crafts change T-shirts Complete craft Complete Craft Pick up all Crafts
Other Points Covered       
Sugar Act


Stamp Act

Boston Tea Party

Boston Massacre

Frozen feet

 Division of Powers


Ask King George


Drafting of Constitution


Bill of Rights

Meeting the Founders


Private Property

Games, Splash Cannon Dodge the Kings Bullets Three-headed eagle relay Capture the flag
Lexington and Concord


Paul Revere’s Ride

Washington Crossing the Delaware River

Signing DOI


Powder Wigs



Separation of Powers

Natural Law


Founders Thoughts