Play – Battle of Yorktown

Students can act out as narrator reads.Students can act out as narrator reads.

Narrator: Yorktown was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War. This battle was between the Americans led by Gen. Washington (Gen. Washington walks forward) and the French led by Gen. Rochambeau (Gen. Rochambeau joins Washington) — fighting against the British led by General Cornwallis (General Cornwallis comes forward.)

You may let the students play act a bit of war. Pillows. Swim noodles, water balloons or any form you want to have. This is a great time to play the game Water Dodge Ball.

Narrator: The battle lasted seven days and seven nights. General Washington fired the first shot of this battle. On the 8th day of the Battle of Yorktown, a British drummer appeared with a British officer waving a white handkerchief, signaling surrender.

(British soldiers marched out and laid down their weapons between the French and the American armies.)

Narrator: Gen. Cornwallis would not surrender personally to Gen. Washington. He said he felt ill. He had his Gen. O’Hara present the sword of surrender to Washington and Rochambeau.