DAR Fall Forum Report 2019

Award-Winning Constitution Activities – Fun, Free, and Non-Political

The workshop spotlighting a Chapter’s Constitution Camp and Constitution Week presented by Elizabeth Crockett Chapter member Peggy Freeman began with a historical interpretation of Elizabeth Burgin. This portrayal transported Texas Daughters attending the Fall Form workshop with a dramatic account of Burgin’s adventure in rescuing 200 American prisoners of war from the British in the late 1770s. Then, presenter, Peggy Freeman treated the ladies with lemonade to accentuate the Colonials’ displeasure with King George’s Sugar Tax. As Peggy showed pictures of the Elizabeth Crockett DAR Chapter’s Constitution Camp for Kids and shared the benefits in hosting a similar event, she presented the benefits of the camp program. Hoping to encourage other chapters to present the history of our nation and knowledge of the Constitution to young people in their area, Peggy challenged the workshop attendees to be creative in sharing programs for Constitution Week with schools and libraries.

Elizabeth Crockett Chapter of the DAR won national and state DAR awards in 2018

• National 1st Place Best Constitution Week Chapter Program – Constitution Camp

• National 1st Place Best Constitution Week Chapter Activity – Constitution Camp

• Division 1st Place Best Constitution Week Chapter Activity – Constitution Camp

• State 1st Place Constitution Outstanding Event – Constitution Camp

Constitution Camp is a week-long camp for children in grades 1-6 to study the Constitution and our founding fathers. The camp is hosted annually by the Elizabeth Crockett Chapter of the DAR with camp founder and DAR member Peggy Freeman as the organizer. Numerous DAR and SAR members serve as teachers, schedulers, cooks, bakers, activity directors, grant writers, and so much more. The take-a-way from the workshop for most people is the free, fun and non-political Constitution Camp for Kids will bring new members to local chapters and create a bond for future DAR and SAR members and draw in families to join. and future of members for the DAR and SAR. Most important is the hope that camp will teach the next generation to love our nation and our constitution.

Pass on the History! Pass on the Heritage!

Pass on DAR and SAR to tomorrow’s generation.

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